UniGripper Standard

UniGripper offers a wide range of standard vacuum grippers. These grippers are based on off-the-shelf components which means short lead times at the lowest price.

Our Standard Module System (SMS) include the patented UniGripper valves resulting in truly wide application areas as far as standard grippers go.

UniGrippers SMS is also market leading when it comes to maintenance firendlyness,

The Standard Module System, is supplied either with integrated vacuum generators, or for connection to an external power supply.

The SMS is equipped with quick exchangeable Foam carrier, vacuum-indicator and connection for external reverse-blow. The Vacuum generators (LP30-LP240) of the UniGrippers could easily be power-optimised for your system. This is due to the intelligent design with exchangeable Venturi-units.

Reverse blow function is standard on all vacuum generators. On request a version can be offered without reverse blow cylinder. For external power supply the SMS-grippers are supplied with hose-connections. UniGripper can also offer a wide range of accessories for the Standard Module Sysem, such as Floating Attachments / Compliants, Robot-adapters, Frame-systems etc. We will also be happy to help you with any special design you need for your project.

The SMS modules are available in two different widths, 120 mm and 80 mm.

To see types and configurations of the 120 mm wide grippers, click here.

To see types and configurations of the 80 mm wide grippers, click here.