UniGripper Co/Light - The Standard Vacuum Grippers for Cobot Applications

UniGripper Co/Light is the next generation of UniGripper LightWeight targeted for low-payload robots in general and collaborative robots, cobots, in particular.

UniGripper Co/Light is designed without sharp edges to enable gentle collaboration combined with impresive vacuum focre and ultra-low weight.

UniGripper Co/Light combines the possibilities of additive printing with the strength of aluminum to give a low-weight, yet strong design.

UniGripper Co/light comes in two sizes:

  • Regular - for lifting anything from small to relatively large objects
  • Mini - when only handling smaller objects

Co/Light Enhancements

  • Produced mainly in addaive printing material with 30% lower density than material used in previous LightWeight grippers
  • Integrated vacuum source with improved vacuum flow
  • Robot connector with snap-in connection
  • Two sizes for higher flexibility in gripping area and air consumption
  • Optional control box for easiest integration
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Co/Light Regular

Co/Light Regular is apowerful gripper with large gripper area, yet low weight.

Technical Data - Co/Light Regular
Length 265 mm
Width 150 mm
Height 101 mm
Weight App. 1.8kg
Valve pitch 15/15
Air consumption 420 Nl/min
Robot connection Included, 4xM6
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Co/Light Mini

Co/light Mini is the perfect choice for robots with 3kg payload, or for applications in general when handling smaller objects. 

Technical Data - Co/Light Mini
Length 150 mm
Width 112 mm
Height 99 mm
Weight App. 900g
Valve pitch 15/15
Air consumption 210 Nl/min
Robot connection Included, 4xM6
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UniGripper Control Box

The UniGripper Control Box is the perfect companion for any Co/Light installation. The control box combines a pneumatic valve for vacuum control and a vacuum switch for grip indication. The neatly designed box is easy to integrate and no other pneumatic components are needed for the installation.