M-Gripper is a series of customizable grippers from UniGripper, based on lifting force of magnets, mostly permanent magnets being activated and deactivated by use of pneumatic cylinders.

UniGripper M-Gripper comes in a robust and simple design and the magnetic force can be scaled and directed depending on items being handled. Different solution principles are used for different handling scenarios, e.g. depending on if handled surface is always flat or if it is uneven or if only patchy areas are possible to magnetize.

Gripping with magnets is naturally only possible with materials that at least have spots of high permeability, which typically means that there have to be iron in the objects to be lifted, at least in some parts of the object.

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UniGripper M-Gripper for shrink-wrapped radiators in various sizes (app 300-3000 cm long). Handling radiators with both flat and uneven surfaces.

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Spring Mattresses

Unigripper M-Gripper for handling spring mattresses from 200x80cm to 220x200cm. Including grippers for side elements to combine in a mattress assembly line.

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Tin Cans

UniGripper M-Gripper for handling of filled iron tin cans in pattern building application.