TimberGripper Standard

The UniGripper TimberGripper can be delivered in any size your application requires. For many applications, however, we see that the optimum size and valve configuration is approximately the same. That's why we offer the TimberGripper in some standard configurations. TimberGripper Standard means minimized development and production costs and extra short delivery times. In the adjacent tables the available standard configurations are presented.

Together with the TimberGrippers, we supply side channel blowers for vacuum creation, as well as vacuum hose and divider pipes for vacuum distribution when multiple TimberGrippers are used together in one installation. Contact us to get an offer of a vacuum gripper system for your application, drawings of the standard TimberGrippers for inclusion in your project, etc.

TimberGripper Standard Sizes

TYPE TG 1250/220 TG 1250/300
Length 1250 mm 1250 mm
Width 220 mm 300 mm
Valve Variants 3 3
Number of Valves 340 / 437 / 446 534 / 666 / 648
Foam Carrier Plate Included Included
Filter Cassette Included Included
Foam Height 20 / 30 mm 20 / 30 mm
Floating Attachment Option Option
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Handling of Planks

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Handling of Kitchen Doors

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Handling of Wood Planks from Stacks into Preparation Machines

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Distribution Pipe

Our distribution pipes are made from aluminum profiles, which give a flexible system at low weight that is easy to install. The distribution pipe is available in a standard design suitable for most applications, but customized variants are also available. The distribution pipe can in addition to standard hose connections be equipped with slide valves, reversing valves etc. depending on the needs for you applications.

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TimberGrippers ready for Installation