The UniGripper ZoneGripper is ideal for palletizing using pick-and-place operations. The ZoneGripper is divided into zones where vacuum can be enabled and disabled independently in each zone. This allows the gripper to pick several products with one orientation, but releasing them at different positions and with different orientations and thus efficiently building a layer.

The ability for the ZoneGripper to pick several products at once results in ability to cope with very short cycle-time requirements. In addition, equipping the gripper with hooks for pallet handling and suction cups for slip-sheet handling results in a very efficient investment where one robot or gantry with one end effector can handle all tasks related to palletizing.

Our sales engineers are experienced in creating a zone division that allows products of different sizes to be handled with the same gripper, while minimizing the number of zones and needed valves for zone control. Our swivels and swibot are great accessories for the zone gripper to make the vacuum hose management easy

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ZoneGripper for palletizing dairy products

6 zone gripper equipped with side gripper to enable very fast cycle times.

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ZoneGripper for Napkins

Equipped with Swibot and floating attachment for easy hose management and levelling.

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ZoneGripper with Ejectors

Gripper for shrink-wrapped beverages. Zoning created by individual ejector vacuum source per zone.